T​he Trade Finance Series

The “Trade Finance Series” (in Danish language) is a series of books, all with the aim to provide a
quick and easy overview of different topics relating to Trade Finance. The books are short
and easy to read, yet nuanced and balanced. The author is a Trade Finance professional.

Kim Sindberg: The Cheaters Handbook to Documentary Credits (2014)

This is the ultimate documentary credit handbook for the person that want an easy and safe way to a successful documentary credit transaction without having to study rules, practices and opinions from many different sources.

The book includes a straightforward documentary credit crash course – as well as specific advice to the exporter, importer and transport company – walking through each phase of the documentary credit from the perspective of these 3 key players.

A total of 87 specific and practical pieces of advice are collected.

The book is also valuable for the documentary credit bank that is advising their customers on how to handle their documentary credits.

124 pages

ISBN: 978-87-7145-755-1

Table of Contents

The book is available at online bookstores, such as Amazon, and also as an eBook in Apples iBooks.​