T​he Trade Finance Series

The “Trade Finance Series” (in Danish language) is a series of books, all with the aim to provide a
quick and easy overview of different topics relating to Trade Finance. The books are short
and easy to read, yet nuanced and balanced. The author is a Trade Finance professional.

About Kim Sindberg


  • Technical Advisor to the ICC Banking Commission
  • Member of “ICC Commission on Banking Technique and Practice
  • Member of the revison of the DOCDEX rules
    (DOCDEX is short for Documentary Credit Dispute Resolution Expertise, and managed by the ICC International Centre for Expertise)
  • Member of “IIBLP European Advisory Council”
  • Member of “IIBLP Council on International Standby Practices”
  • Member of “ICC Denmark Trade Finance Forum”


  • ”Editor in Chief” for the electronic newsletter “Trade Services Update”
  • Together with Ravi Mehta I created the LC portal www.lcviews.com
  • I contribute on a regular basis to international magazines with comments and articles (see list)
  • My articles have been translated into Vietnamese, Chinese and Turkish languages.


  • I have published books, websites and Apps for mobile devices (see overview).
  • I was member of group that drafted ISBP 745 (International Standard Banking Practice for the Examination of Documents under Documentary Credits, 2007 Revision for UCP 600 – ICC publication No. 745)
  • DOCDEX Ekspert
    (DOCDEX står for Documentary Credit Dispute Resolution Expertise, og styres af ICC International Centre for Expertise)
  • I am accedited as DOCDEX expert
  • Specialised studies: Transport